• Modern 21st Century Architecture
    Sustainable & Affordable
  • From Concept to Key
    Design or Design/Build
    Created with renowned 'Livable Minimalism' concept,
    executed with precision and attention to detail,
    from true virtual to true real.
  • Full Building Information Model
    Integrated 3D Modeling
    A seamless process from start to completion.
    Virtual walkthrough at any time of the design process,
    integrated energy performance modeling
    and sustainability optimization of the building.
    True virtual environment on all mobile devices.
  • Seamless Design Customization
    Full Client collaboration and interaction
  • Real Estate Value Increase
    With a publication record of more than 80 percent over the years,
    we can successfully create a solid base for publishing your building.
    This will result in minimum 7 percent increase in its retail value,
    which in its turn will cover all design or design/build fees.
    In other words, our (award winning) work pays for itself.

PAAstudio : Architecture, Design, Art. And some music.

Architecture is still music Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Conversations with Eckermann (March 23, 1829)
Less is more | God is in the details Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1929)
Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works Steve Jobs (circa 2009)

Welcome to our site, we are PAAstudio - pronounced |ˈPi ˈEi ˈEiˈst(y)o͞odēˌō | - a progressive architecture and art collaborative. The above thoughts from three different centuries are essential to our work - we are a modern design/build firm with a proven track record and plenty of publications and awards. We love what we do, we care about our environment and our legacy. We create and we enjoy it. Quite a bit - we provide for you a better way of life. Our projects speak for themselves, they have been featured in Architectural Record, Residential Architect and quite a few other periodicals in the US and Europe; book publications circle the globe as far as Australia and China.

Recent Work

Our projects range from Commercial to Residential, to Public space, art and sculptural applications, to graphic design and of course - some music. We hope you would enjoy.

PAAstudio is your choice for design or design | build projects.

With a full array of design and design | built services, we are your trusted partner in successful construction ventures.
Design along with building can be fun - this is our way and the way of the future.

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