Sun Shelter on the Hudson River kinetic public space

Overview + recognition

Sun Shelter on the Hudson River, Van Allen Institute NY International Competition, 1997
ArciCAD LA Grand Prize 2002
The ArchiCad Book, Springer Wien NY, 2002, 2005



Project Details

It may sound peculiar, however, this is an idea to create a kinetic sun shelter, operated by its users. The scheme follows a simple rectangular grid with three triangular sail sizes. Each mast is equipped with four manual ratchets, which allow for changing the height of the sail connection in its corners. Thus the spatial disposition and shade cast are constantly varied by the users, depending on the weather and position of the sun. The perpetual morphing of the light shading devices creates a poetic reflection of nature and the overall constant cosmic motion surrounding us. Nevertheless, in this case it depends also on human interaction.

P.S. (more than a decade later) Further technology development in recent years has allowed for computer operation of the sails, adding a modular algorithm, which allows for uneven sun adjustment. The fabric of the sails may also be photovoltaic, thus powering the sail operation at day and providing lighting at night. The modular plan of the Sun Shelter and its sustainability make it applicable to any terrain, flat or sloping, urban or natural environment - a functional kinetic sculpture, which can harvest solar energy throughout its lifetime.