Pacific Palisades Residences 3 | 4 a hillside ocean view duo


2 Homes on steep terrain on Pacific Palisades, CA, 2005
Artlantis Studio 2 Poster Project and Abvent Marketing Campaign, Paris, France 2006



Project Details

The Homes are located on adjacent lots, creating an innovative design with definite privacy and view consideration. The lower house features 3 bedrooms and a separate satellite unit at the bottom level, while the upper residence has 2 master bedroom suites and 3 additional bedrooms, including a maids room at the lower terrace level, dual BBQ areas and ample deck space.

They were designed under the old Hillside Ordinance, nevertheless, they feature the same sustainable approach of all our home designs. Passive green features are incorporated in the floor plans, while exterior shading devices create natural sun shelter on the South façade. Both homes are similar, yet disticnct in visual appearance and material selection.

Privacy is of high importance with adjacent properties, so here we have the outdoor areas of both houses located to opposite sides of the lots and there are two floral barriers dividing the two rear yards. Both homes take full advantage of the spectacular views of Santa Monica bay and mountains.

Although they cannot be build today with the same residential area, they remain a signature PAAproject, showcasing passive sustainable architecture and fluent planning. Aesthetics were featured all over the globe on the cover of Artlantis Studio 2 box and start splash screen.