Hollywood Hills 1 | 2 sustainable homes over Los Angeles

Overview + recognition

Residential duo in Los Angeles, California, 2008
5,200 and 4,100 SF
Artlantis Core Project, Abvent, Paris, France 2009



Project Details

Another environmentally friendly PAAproject, which demonstrates 21st century functionality, spatial design and volume composition, as well as material applications and full implementation of passive and active principles of modern sustainable architecture. What we see as 'form fuses function' - parallel evolution at every level of development with complete transparency of building interaction and automation at all stages of its life. The 'delicate definition of space', fluid transition between different parts of a total volume, which are defined without vertical partitions and still retain their identity and crisp function; and besides being poetic this also becomes a fact.

The uphill location is used to fully integrate the dwelling with the terrain and create an unique composition, which is both dynamic and inviting.

An ample grass and paver driveway and spacious 4-car garage create the base of the house, along with a nested glass entry to the south side of the building, which features a red glass tile exterior/interior water+fire feature, as well as an inviting fully glazed entry with plenty of closet space. Direct connection the the floor above is through an open light staircase or a residential elevator to the left. The entry hall connects also the the exclusive in-house movie theatre with two bars, seating for twelve and a private restroom. Two large fully opened terraces compliment the living room floor, which connects to a large solar pergola rooftop swimming pool terrace.

Overall, both custom homes combine function, beauty and environmental consideration in a distinctively cool composition, the best of all worlds.