Mission Boulevard Apartment Complex 68 unit modern sustainability


68 Unit Apartment Complex in Ontario, California, 2016
47,000 SF


facade color variation

Project Details (in development)

Traditionally, PAAstudio projects target modern sustainability. This one is no exception. Developed jointly with HY+A, it takes on a new design language and coolor scheme for the Ontario area, while employing traditional finishes. A vivid tonality and environmentally friendly materials came along with the introduction of a rooftop habitable garden space and the above trellis. These sustainable feature creates a permanent ventable cushion at the top of building with the potential of cutting substantially the energy balance of the top floors. Custom metal shades create deep shadow pockets over South-facing facade fenestration, limiting heat gain. All balconies with the same exposure are similarly protected as well.

The large parking are features an ample recreation area and ½ basketball court, while the covered parking spaces are shaded by lightweight canopies, which can be converted to solar canvases at a later date.

Similarly, the rooftop trellis is designed to accommodate photovoltaic panels and converter enclosures are located throughout the perimeter of the open space.

The modernist color direction lends itself to several different schemes, which could be applied throughout the life of the building. We did explore three of them - vivid, south-western and neutral, but the variety is not limited to only three by any means. Since the specific construction process relies on facade paint as a cost saving finish measure, the color scheme could be totally changed practically with any repainting building maintenance cycle. This would create a new, exciting building exterior at a fraction of the remodeling cost. It is like wrapping the facades over and over again and having a new building every few years. Not to forget the much improved property value - a sheer gain for owner, occupants and the whole neighborhood.