Malibu Remodel the architecture of wrap


Single family home remodel, Ma;libu, CA, 1999
2,600 SF


concept : an existing simple shape nonintrusive shell new rich space

Project Details

Naturally, Christo comes to mind.

Nevertheless, this one is quite different - a non-structural, non-intrusive remodel, which permanently envelops the existing structure with two types of material. One - a secondary layer of polypropylene exterior cladding, designed to give a calm backdrop of the top wood lattice work, as well as provide moisture and thermal protection without destructing the good condition of the existing painted wood fascia. Our first small scale 1999 attempt, developed further in later projects such as the TCS and the TCB, to create a totally new building without a major demolition effort by enveloping the existing structure and preserving most fundamental characteristics of the building.

In this case, the addition of a large zen-garden along with a spacious deck on the ocean side of the house relates the spiritual bond of the owner couple with the surroundings and wraps up the new vision for the house. the new double-layer envelope works both functionally and aesthetically alongside with budget restrains. the simple material scheme grows naturally with the owner requested fusion of asian philosophy within a contemporary bauhaus approach, re-defining the texture of spatial and functional relations.