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It is always exciting to plan and actually execute a construction project. As we say - "abitare humanum est" - it's only natural for us to desire shaping our environment. With more than 35 years of practice, we will help you to do it in a better, satisfactory and profitable way.

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Please, describe the nature of your project. Include the address, APN and other preliminary site data. Please, outline your desired goals, expectations and projections, along with a budget and timeframe. We'll take it from there.

3D Idea

Schematics and design development conceived and executed directly in 3D space. Virtual walkthrough + real materials at any time of the design process.

BIM and BIMx

Full BIM integration, true virtual environment on all mobile devices, integrated energy performance modeling and sustainability optimization of the building. BIMx construction aid.

RE Value Increase

We successfully create a solid base for publishing your building, resulting in min 7% real estate value increase, in turn covering all design or design | build fees.