Hajj Salman Hotel a sustainable venture in Iraq

Overview + recognition

40,000 SF Hotel and Retail Shopping Center in Karbala, Iraq; contracted proposal, 2011
Artlantis Cover Project, Abvent, Paris, France 2011



Project Details

Hajj Salman Hotel is designed as the first eco-friendly building in Karbala, Iraq. An odd-shaped lot and not too many high-rises around make this a challenging task along with the mission to introduce Western type architecture. Three commercial, one underground, one mechanical and ten hotel floors create a unique environment, oriented with local pilgrim traditions. The complex features two restaurants, two cafés, a meeting center and several retail shops on both Level One and Two, along with a large rooftop garden café-restaurant. The glass canopy at the top acts in a couple of ways. It provides shelter for the rooftop garden café, it also creates a shaded ventable buffer (passive sustainability) and thirdly - ample space for photovoltaics, while the double curtain wall incorporates another active sustainable element.

Minimal parking requirements ease up the below-ground planning, nevertheless, it houses enough VIP, guest and merchant parking. The overall kinetic presence of the building symbolizes local tradition in a totally new way, aside from numerous direct implementation of Arabic detail and ornamentation in recent new projects in the region.

We believe that our proposal will set a trend for affirmative sustainability and eco-friendly development in this part of the Middle East.