NHS Headquarters a green office complex

Overview + recognition

80,000 SF mixed use office complex, Los Angleles, California, 2002
Success Story: a Graphisoft presentation - 2005; The ArchiCad Book, Springer Wien NY, 2002, 2005; Architectural Record, Architecture 2003 - Graphisoft ArchiCad 8.1 ad campaign;
ArchiCAD LA Award of Excellence 2002



Project Details

The complex offers 2 and 3 story office space and a habitable landscaped roof deck with translucent metal canopy for year-round use. Other features are retail space with a drive through and 3 story, 210-car garage presenting a commercial LCD marquee.

Originally, the owners approach us with the request for a more traditional building approach. Nevertheless, upon presenting our first ideas, they fully embraced the modern design and sustainable approach. Although this project is about 10 years old and did not get build during the previous financial crisis of 2002, it remains a signature PAAstudio design with significant publication record.

The design was tailored around the NHS office requirements. Besides their headquarters to the left, the composition provides a wider office body to the right, a separate 3 floor garage wit ha rentable high-def marquee.

This element was quite some science-fiction for 2002, but today one can seem them quite frequently… Again, a bit ahead of the curve.

The rooftop garden and canopy provide safe and friendly environment for the planned daycare center on the third level of the office wing. The canopy, a signature PAAelement, acts again as a double passive-active green feature: it provides a shaded ventable buffer over the building roof, while allowing space for photovoltaics installation.

The project has won an Excellence Award and has been featured in several books as well as in Architectural Record as part of the Graphisoft ArchiCAD 8.1 ad campaign.