mixed media on paper
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In this collection is a relatively small portion of the drawings, created from 1983 through 1997 in Los Angleles, Saint Louis and Sofia. Some originals have been lost during relocations, however, a number of artworks are part of private or permanent museum collections, starting with the 1983 "Still Life 3", which is the last in a charcoal and tempera series of drawings in the Sofia National Museum of Art. Subject matter varies from figurative to abstractly whimsical, with world mythology elements prominent in some of the pieces.

Drawn in various sizes, mostly 30"x22", the artworks feature mixed media, varying from pencil, oil pen, charcoal, tempera, oil pastel, oil paint and gel medium, spray paint and fluorescent accents. Paper weight varies from 200 to 550 gsm with live edges in a number of cases. All drawings are signed, stamped and (mostly) dated.

Along the main free artwork flow, there are fourteen smaller size drawings, forming the original presentation of the Fantasy Suites commission for Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas, NV. The drawings were presented to the hotel management matted, and were approved in 1989, which led to the full series creation of 12 60"x44" mixed media canvasses in 1990.

  • mediaMixed Media on paper
  • year1983 | 1997
  • sizeVaries
  • count37 + 14 | open series