deliberate dream
a polychromatic layered journey
Series Details

Creation of paper has been a hallmark of our civilization. This series explores the decomposition of paper nature in connection with tubular spatial elements. With a relatively limited polychrome vocabulary, the emphasis stays on surface relation. Counterbalanced by flat black elements, brown paper layers take on a new meaning and life on their own. The series started off from a book cover fro the 'White Niggah' by Milena Fuchedjieva, published in 2004 and progressed in additional spatial and light exploration.

Printed to order in S | M | L | XL sizes allows for flexible implementation in various dimensions, space and environment. Typically, S sizes are printed on 19"x13" archival 300g smooth art paper, edition of 100. M sized prints are on 36"x24" archival flat stock, edition of 50, while L sizes are based on 60"x42" in edition of 20. XL sized are printed to order on ±60" paper as the smaller dimension, edition of 5, however, may be limited to 2 depending on the specific artwork. All prints are signed, stamped and numbered.

  • mediaGislée on paper
  • year2004
  • sizesS | M | L | XL limited
  • count6 | closed