still lifes in contrast
the many faces of simple tables
Series Details

This gislée series explores the many avenues of chalk, charcoal and pastel BW drawing. The allegorical seafood still lifes go beyond the simple depiction of a dead, eatable sea animal and delve into the human | nature relationship of our everyday existence.

Again, the Still Life theme is always a back-to-basics handle, yet the subject itself is consistently fresh as part of our daily lives, no matter how dynamic they get - the aestheticized life of dead matter in fact.

Printed to order in S | M | L | XL sizes allows for flexible implementation in various dimensions, space and environment. Typically, S sizes are printed on 19"x13" archival 300g smooth art paper, edition of 100. M sized prints are on 36"x24" archival flat stock, edition of 50, while L sizes are based on 60"x42" in edition of 20. XL sized are printed to order on ±60" paper as the smaller dimension, edition of 5, however, may be limited to 2 depending on the specific artwork. All prints are signed, stamped and numbered.

  • mediaGislée on paper
  • year2016 | 2018
  • sizesS | M | L | XL limited
  • count14+ | open series