Santa monica MCC
sustainable mall and condominium complex
design objective 1
Sustainability, aesthetics and functional fun balanced out with development goals with a kinetic composition at the Santa Monica 3rd Street Promenade.

  • typehigh-end mixed use multifunctional complex
  • year | size2008 | 1,600,000 SF
  • locationsanta monica, California
  • statussolicited proposal

project statement
Like all PAAstudio projects, this is an environmentally friendly one, nevertheless, at a larger scale.

The new development plan creates an exciting modern approach in the property’s rebuilding, right before the 2008 recession. First, by applying a sensible city planning scheme, which will connect the main pedestrian axis of the 3rd Street Promenade with the new City Hall Park, the Ciic Center and the secondary pedestrian area at Main Street. This is achieved by submerging Broadway Street to the North and enabling direct on-grade pedestrian access to the MCC, while creating multiple, off-traffic entries to the underground garage. To the South side of the MCC a new pedestrian overpass will bridge over Colorado street to secure continuation of the axis to the City Hall, the new City Park and Main.
These vital axes are directly visible in the site plan and also correspond to the custom terrazzo floor pattern, created for the project and influenced by early 20th century European modern art, thus establishing right from the start an artistic approach to the project.


project statement (cont)

The Mall and Condominium Complex (MCC) creates a totally new, eco-friendly, fully solar powered environment with the atmosphere of a small European village.
Without the use of direct replicas, this method generates the mall of the new millennium, where local and absolute social values melt with environmentally conscious development. The architecture embodies a discrete presence by mixing the social presence of a small town with the latest building science, technology and environmental standards up and beyond platinum LEED certification. The essence of human interaction is brought to life through the new means of responsive technology and architecture as social mediums. Like all other PAAstudio projects, the new MCC develops over fusion of architecture and multi-dimensional art with emphasis on sustainability.

design objective 2
Preserving the character of a beach city within a scaled design language
The dynamic, yet peaceful composition stays in sync local values and promotes sensible development goals with strong sustainable emphasis, 21st century building technology and improved urban planning.
from the architect