Hollywood hills 3 | 4
two more green homes over Los Angeles
design objective
Creating meaningful sustainability and aesthetics, carved out of the steep hill within code requirements and local restrictions

  • type2 single family homes
  • year | size2008 | 4,850 and 3,740 sf
  • locationHollywood hills, California
  • statuscontracted project

project statement
Sustainabe projects in the Hollywood Hills

The almost impossible terrain presented not a small dwsign and structural challenge
Both dynamic and inviting, the strictly vertical composition of the homes utillizes the view from the upper floors to maximize layout and home features. The houses utilize upper-level living room layout to fullt maximize view and allow for better space allocation for all support functions of the dwellings.
Passive and active sustainable features highlight the layout and create a low maintenance microclimate for both dwellings.


project statement (cont)

A common driveway connects both properties and gives a base point for lifting up the homes and optiizing excavation in the upper, less steep portion of the lots. The function of a reversed level living room maximizes the entertainment possiblitioes and makes the rooftop terrace a natural extension of the space. Swimming pools and BBQ areas are integrated at the same (house 1), or the upper (house 2) levels, addressing quintessential California indoor-outdoor livestyle.

design objective 2
Creating access for the both lots and incorporating rear exterior pools
Overcomming the terrain challenge created in turn a dramatic, yet finctional and spatious composition with distinct interlocking volumes and elegant finshes.
from the architect