lake sherwood 1
modernism revisited
design objective
To create an elegant, sustainable upscale hillside home within the required envelope and bring the exterior as part of all interior spaces, along with preserving protected tree species.

  • typesingle family dwellings
  • year | size2015 | 6,200 sf
  • locationlake sherwood, Ventura, California
  • statussolicited proposal

project statement
For us - a welcome change from all
lot-size-challenged homes in the
Palisades and Hollywood Hills.

However, Ventura County addresses preserving nature by meticulous conservation of oak trees. This definitely is in tune with our approach, but the scale of the undertaking is a quite out of proportion. Same with preserving views. Nevertheless, we put together a rather harmonious environment with a 5 bedroom open layout, which takes advantage of the unobstructed serene waterscape of Lake Sherwood.
The concept is revisiting modern California living with current sustainable means of construction along with utilization of the incredible view and tranquil environment. The overall composition and massing carefully follows the zoning envelope restrictions of protected flora, view, overall lot coverage and allowable height. A 4 car garage is located at the basement level with interior and exterior access to the on-grade living room | terrace | pool area. The prominent south architrave serves a dual purpose besides aesthetics - it discharges upper floor terrace water outflow and provides a recirculating water feature for the lower pool | hot tub next to the pool fire pit - a stark contrast superimposition. The living room offers free floating space with double seating groups, large kitchen | dining room | family room with another terrace and BBQ area to the West. Use of natural wood and stone cladding emphasizes the connection and organic blend of interior and exterior, enhanced further by fully retractable sliding and folding patio doors.


project statement (cont)

The upper bedroom floor is accessed via the open riser suspended staircase or the residential elevator. It features 3 bedrooms with private baths and a maid's room along with ample built-in storage and a laundry | utility room. The rear retaining wall top is naturally illuminated by continuous strip windows creating lightness and spaciousness, as well as cross ventilation. The same concept is presented in the master suite, which occupies the whole top floor with a large covered terrace and ample outdoor seating with a TV area and an exterior fire place. The back of the house is flanked by the second lap pool. Once again the roof is freely floating over the top structure, a touch of classic Modernist feel along with the oval canopy opening.
The home is designed with full sustainability in mind - large overhangs to the south create natural shading, while the reap portion of the house conditions naturally as below grade structure. The large rectangular flat roof offers plenty of space for photovoltaics and cross ventilation along with natural hot air discharge through the top volume of the elevator shaft, low-e glazing and computerized shade control amend the long list of passive sustainable features. Overall, the house exhibits a light and natural appearance, along an eco-friendly lifecycle which stands for the quintessential 21st century California lifestyle.

Habitare humanum est.

design objective 2
The use of natural material and finishes, complementing environment.
The house, as an homage to all late modern California architecture, blossoms out of the steep hillside naturally and is bound to it with its rustic material use. Controlled transparency brings in exterior views and ties in the balance between the building and its surroundings.
from the architect