Block 20
mall, office and hotel complex
design objective
Creating an energetic and aesthetic modern environment within the owner's program, while relating to existing structures and city planning goals. Employing a distinctive fine art-based pedestrian flow directing floor pattern.

  • typehigh-end mixed use complex
  • year | size2005 | 1,600,000 sf
  • locationnew Belgrade, Serbia

project statement
A 75 000 m2 mixed use commercial complex, including a shopping mall, hotel with conference facilities and office tower with 3 story underground parking garage.

The design of the new Block 20 is based on both 21st century building technology and aesthetics, as well as influences from Old Serbian architecture. The composition of volumes resembles the traditional layout of a monastery complex, characteristic fo the region, though at a different scale and with a different function. With deep affection of the timeless beauty of Serbian renaissance architecture, paastudio presents a new way of turning a shopping center and mixed-use development into one of the focal points in New Belgrade.


project statement (cont)

The large building mass presents a challenge in itself.
It is highly visible from all adjacent locations, including the office, hotel and residential towers - all that in mind and a strongly considering of the 5th façade of the building, we are proposing the creation of a unique sculptural environment, which features seamless integration of form and function, as well as a new vision for the current surroundings. With respect to the existing Delta office building, the new addition utilizes a similar design language, nevertheless, updated for the new millennium. Comparable use of materials as well as angular massing harmonizes not only with Delta, but also with Hyatt, Genex and the Intercontinental. The inclined lines in plan and true 3D elevate this unity to new levels, which aesthetics will stand the test of time.

design objective 2
Pedestrian-friendly access from all around the perimeter of the building.
The complex connects naturally to neighboring structures and presents a lively multifunctional environment with balanced scale and numerous features throughout.
from the architect