pacific palisades | 12
a little big sustainable modern remodel
design objective
Functional fluency controlled transparency
21st century sustainable modern

  • typesingle family dwelling
  • year | size2023 | 3,256 sf
  • locationpacific palisades, California
  • statussolicited proposal

project statement
A sunset skywalk defines the composition in coastal Pacific Palisades

This is another ongoing signature PAAremodel project within by-right addition requirements. With a fantastic ocean vista, controlled transparency delineates overall design approach. The underwhelming functionality of the existing 4-story structure is vastly improved by the addition of two new interior staircases from the main third level to the study below and master suite above. The living space is reconfigured with a wow-factor 13.5' high glazed entry, which also showcases a translucent skylight above the upper cantilever staircase and direct stepped-up access to the existing exterior deck, which flawlessly integrates the outdoor living into the home.
A fully open living space plan complements the massive fenestration all around. New shading devices, both aluminum louvers and a fabric shade, provide sustainability and comfort with vent-able shaded buffer to the southwest. Carefully designed cross ventilation allows for natural airflow cooling throughout the enlarged kitchen with an isle and raised dining counter, while the formal dining area connects the rear TV nook and fireplace lounge sections with direct connection to the outside.

project statement (cont)

The existing master bedroom is reworked into a luxurious master suite with a large study | spare bedroom to the east. A serene skywalk deck leads into the horizon outside, while passing by a succulent rooftop garden. New standing seam steel roofing allows for easy photovoltaic installation and extends the sustainable finishes approach to the exterior. Warm modern materials bring enhanced natural tactility to the overall design in direct connection with scale and the feel of it.
With limited structural intervention, complex envelope and addition requirements, the remodel fully reforms the existing dwelling. It fuses new, vastly improved functionality, form aesthetics and a massive fun factor - the clear four F's of our improved Bauhaus motto. All of which makes for better living - functional poetry for beautifully simple everyday life.

design objective 2
Improving function and a cool new aesthetic with very limited structural alteration
While adding limited area to the existing structure, the home showcases fully new functionality and aesthetics with 21st century sustainability