P | P residence remodel
sustainable modern - phased
design objective 1
Revisiting the classical atrium concept and maximizing the direct distiction of new and existing structures with spatial and material treatment; phasing out construction for owner occupied premises throughout

  • typesingle fmaily home
  • year | size2016 | 2,320 sf
  • locationGlendale, California
  • statuscompleted 2018

project DRB statement
The P | P Residence Remodel is another sustainable example of PAAstudio’s envelope concept.

The building follows the site topography, considerate with the neighboring scale and height. The lot has a gentle slope to the South, which blends with the new sustainable envelope and aeration pattern. Massing and volume relations are well within the neighborhood characteristics. The addition is in fact a new take on a classical atrium composition in combination with modern design language and carefully planned sustainability. Most of the existing home’s foundation and exterior walls remain intact, along with the single existing bathroom. Nevertheless, with only 325 SF addition to the main home and partially elevated ceilings, the remodel makes a dramatic difference in form, function and feel. In a very honest approach to new and existing, portions of the old walls and roof are preserved, strengthened and resurfaced, clearly indicating the old house, while the new structure wraps around like a delicate elongated scarf. An artist studio and a bedroom are added to the garage accessory building to the North and both volumes are unified over a new atrium with three, fixed pergola elements to the West, North and East. They create a permanent ventilated shadow cushion over the essential outdoor areas, thus lowering the overall energy balance of the building. Aesthetically, they balance the solid portion of the atrium roof and create a light, aery feeling and a logical transition from sidewalk through public right-of-way to the building itself as a well articulated buffer zone, while promoting elevated sustainable standards with a zero-maintenance passive approach. Height is kept substantially below the limit - the building remains a one-story volume at about the extent of the existing structures, while the ridge lines of the new roof tie visually with the surrounding mountain profiles. Exposure and translucency are carefully controlled in regards to privacy - lower portions of street and neighbor exposed windows are handled with white glass and appropriate floral fencing.


project drb statement (cont)

The new standing seam roof in light gray metal color minimizes summer heat intake and is also meant as a rainwater channeling device with two main collection and filtration planters in the front portion of the property, where all water is directed through gravitational flow through large attractive spouts within allowable roof projections. Gathered water will be used for landscape watering with excess being filtered out to the street storm drain. Use of photovoltaics is planned for the South and possibly East roof planes, with panels conveniently clipping to the metal standing seam. Material selection is within the earthy sustainable palette of PAAstudio; the home promotes use of natural, easy, yet elegant materials and finishes: two-tone smooth steel trowel plaster, recycled honey-colored outdoor wood decking and siding with matching ceramic tile flooring for the new slab-on-grade addition. Darker bronze anodized aluminum doors and windows accent the exterior and tie aesthetically with overall color theme. In combination with the rest, this color palette provides a lively, yet tranquil environment, with high sustainability and low impact. The landscaping takes advantage of the existing living trees on site with additional overall drought resistive flora. Water conservation and recycling are some of the major points of the development, which reflect the owner’s high environmental standards. Spot irrigation and native SoCal plant material naturally fuses with the proximity of the Angeles National Forest. Permeable paving is installed throughout, reaffirming Low Impact Development Standards. The landscaping complements the remodel in harmony with the building materials and color scheme, as well as reestablishes predominantly native California drought resistive vegetation with high aesthetics and low level maintenance. Overall, the remodel showcases a budget oriented approach to modern living, climate coordinated accommodations and a warm environment with direct sustainable features, full indoor-outdoor integration, while smart construction phasing allows the owners to occupy the premises during the building process.

design objective 2
Creating a sustainable confined microclimate
The proposed remodel features a streamlined, contemporary design that includes an emphasis on angular geometries, solids and voids, clean lines, modern finishes, and layered rooflines. While the modern architectural language is unique to this neighborhood, the scale and use of materials presents a design concept that will complement the overall area.
Glendale DRB approval letter