Pacific Palisades 5 | 6
sustainable modern beachfront duo
design objective
Designing two close proximity homes with privacy features for all three floors and exterior recreation areas

  • type2 single family homes
  • year | size2011 | 4,200 and 3.700 sf
  • locationpacific palisades, California
  • statuscompleted 2017

project statement
One more green project by PAAstudio

As practically all PAAstudio projects, this is a sustainable one as well. The last homes permitted under the old Hillside Ordinance in the Castellammare area, yet quite in sync with the neighborhood scale, presenting a light, modern and warm environment.
They feature 3 and 4 bedroom layouts on three levels. A clear division | privacy line is drawn with the adjacent vertical fins of both houses with steel roofing transition to same material vertical fascia. Very low profile from street level, the composition develops downhill to take advantage of the prized and unobstructed ocean view, still respecting neighbor's privacy on both sides. The layout takes advantage of a loft-type living room with a gently split level and a floating metal and wood staircase.


project statement (cont)

Outdoor space is carefully planned and appropriately spaced for outdoor cooking and service access to the lower floors. The bottom bedroom level features exterior decks with hot tubs and lap pools. The lowermost portion of the lots employs a thick floral sound | privacy screen from PCH traffic. Large overhangs, balconies and built-in shading devices bring more passive green features in sync with the optimal drought-resistive landscaping.
The construction has started and is planned to wrap it up within 18 months; all concrete, steel and glass without any structural lumber. Once again - an attractive modern implementation of our spatial and aesthetic principals within our own neighborhood.

design objective 2
Incorporating a special roof line to fit owner's garage car lifts
Both homes feature passive and active sustainability, while showing a clear division via the vertical privacy facade fins. Despite their close proximity, the houses feel intimate, yet open to a full beach view.
from the architect