Palos verdes art center
home for art lovers
design objective 1
Balancing exhibition space design as artistically neutral, yet fun and inviting environment for the appreciation of and participation in art and art related activities

  • year | size2002 | 14,000 SF
  • locationPalos Verdes, California
  • statuscompetition entry

project statement
The PVAC was a fun competition, which showed an artistic, easy low-rise building within the gently sloping hills of Palos Verdes

Designed as a sculptural urban element.The idea is born from symbiosis of site specifics and functional use of space, the idea is - it not only houses art, but is also formed as a piece of art. The goal - to conceive an inspirational atmosphere which nurtures creation.
Easy pedestrian access from the street, bus stop, parking and underground garage initiate a friendly environment. the landmark entry gateway is a part of the building itself, visible from a distance and shaping the overall elongated profile of the complex. behind it, the exterior sculpture garden with a row of patron dedicated trees flows through interior space into the atrium and back to the outdoor ceramics garden, looping around the Crenshaw façade. The garden also features a reflecting pool, which goes deeply under the slab of the Norris gallery and adds some drama to the design.


project statement (cont)

All the galleries are adjacent to the entry as well as the information board feature, donor recognition wall, reception and the art shop. museum quality lighting throughout the galleries and studios allow upper natural light with a full dimming option. Stackable kinetic partitions are also typical for the flexible, yet simple gallery setting. The studios, community space and kitchen face the atrium area and consent to multifunctional use of the semi-covered patio.
The whole first floor is a single level for full accessibility and ease of use. Deliveries and trash discharge are handled through a shielded loading dock at the SW corner of the building. The partial second floor is the administration level, approached easily from the lobby. The overall appearance, functionality, material use and aesthetically balanced space relations form a unique, functional and creative environment for local artists and artisans with a fine perspective to the new millennium.

design objective 2
Incorporating an inviting sculpture garden and reflecting pool
The PVAC shows some of our museum related thinking in collaboration with DesArch - simple, yet elegant lines with down-to-earth functionality and relevant, budget-friendly finishes. Still appealing after all these years.
from the architect