pacific palisades | 8.5
nothing is too small for good design
design objective
Controlled transparency partial envelope concept
new building life on a limited budget

  • typesingle family dwelling remodel
  • year | size2023 | 1,856 SF (E)
  • locationpacific palisades, California
  • statusunder partial construction

project statement
The continuation of our envelope concept at small, but important scale

The envelope concept was developed along with our controlled transparency one in the late nineties - both have evolved over time in commercial and residential design. The objective in this little project dealt with an oddly-built coastal home and attached carport, creating a new building presence with minimal budget and limited to none structural intervention. The existing corner support was moved just a few feet in to create a floating cantilever. New cast-in-place concrete entry stair, planter and slanted mailbox pedestal gave a much more refined and friendly appearance, not to forget the additional step, which allowed for a much more comfortable descend.
A semi-open wood privacy screen to the east and south flanked the remodeled carport, fitted out with a simple frame for a fabric shade. A floating fire-treated wood lattice accentuates the corner of the house and visually connects material treatment of the bottom level with horizontal wood slats. It also provides for concealed lighting at night, which hovers over the floating recessed step lights below.

project statement (cont)

The lattice visually hides an odd existing façade kink and adds a functionally fun element with its elevated corner, which provides the necessary stair overhead clearance. The material selection is purely minimalistic, livably so, and creates a simple harmony with the serene coastal view.
With practically no structural intervention, easy envelope and straightforward material selection, the remodel fully revamps the existing building presence. It fuses new, better functionality, form aesthetics and a serious fun factor - the clear four F's of our improved Bauhaus motto, we love implementing over and over again, it really works. All of which makes for better living - functionally beautiful everyday life.

design objective 2
Limited envelope provides a totally new presence,
while small changes vastly improve functionality.
The envelope concept as extension of controlled transparency once again proves to be the best cost-saving approach for projects with limited structural intervention, without sacrificing aesthetics and fun.