Palos Verdes | 2
split-level midcentury modern, revisited
design objective
Sustainable controlled transparency opens over the Pacific Coast shoreline in Palos Verdes, while preserving scale and neighborhood character.

  • typesingle family dwelling remodel
  • year | size2023 | 3,148 sf
  • locationPalos Verdes, California
  • statusin development

project statement
Another signature sustainable PAAremodel in beautiful Palos Verdes peninsula

Facing height and view restriction, we approached the project from below, creating a master suite in the unused understructure space. This also optimizes grading with minimal foundation work. The living room and kitchen are extended to north, while a large open terrace on top of the new lower floor visually and functionally adds living space to the main floor and seamlessly integrates the exterior. With truly extraordinary vistas, every room in the house is reconfigured to maximize view integration, as fenestration becomes a living canvas during day and night. Functionally, the split level, which has to remain untouched and conforming to old regulations is reconfigured to two bedrooms with ample bathroom and closet space, the lower split level den becomes a guest | maid's room and open circulation is the key to natural airflow and easy passage between floors. The living room roof becomes a single plane with extended overhangs, creating not only visual dynamics, but also large shadows for better temperature balance of exterior space. An exterior fire pit adds warm atmosphere and bridge to the outdoors. Revisiting midcentury century design is always fun - here the warm modern not only reshapes the classic design to a dynamic, yet elegant expression, but also function is elevated to a new level at par with demands of busy present-day living.

project statement (cont)

The existing exterior terracing is completely reengineered to meet new safety standards and provides a multi-level outdoor experience to complement the exquisite views. Its new angled tube support adds another natural element, which blends with the surroundings and accentuates the sustainable redevelopment. PAAstudio has been on the sustainability forefront since the (OMG!) 80's and this project is no exception. Natural airflow via carefully designed cross ventilation is channeled to a hot air skylight in the new standing seam roof cladding, which is not only fully recyclable, but also totally fire-retardant. Warm natural material selection brings softness to expressive volume-creation and blends together form, function and fun - another signature PAAstudio approach.
With understated elegance, soft finishes and space-age function, the home creates a beautiful living environment, integrating the great location, blending the division between indoor and outdoor space, where the art of architecture is the cornerstone of good modern living and design poetry becomes a coveted, but true reality - your beautiful everyday living.

design objective 2
Making sustainable modern living elegant and fun
With minimal site and volume alteration, the totally redesigned home integrates into the hillside and provides a new level of sustainability and elegant modern living.