San Pedro Remodel
3 unit sustainable family home
design objective 1
Create a specific layout for each funit within an overall sustainable envelope

  • type muutihousing
  • year | size1999 | 5,900SF
  • locationSan Pedro, California
  • statuscontracted proposal

project statement
A unit for everyone in the family

This an early 1999 green BIM of a tree-unit family owned building in San Pedro, CA. The units are tailored to the requirements of the family members inhabiting the different sections of the building. Rooftop terraces and an overall canopy extend the living area, while material and finishes differentiate the specifics in character.
The remodel is also quite budget conscious with the use of industrial corrugated steel cladding and galvanized canopy. The shielded rooftop terrace provides a climate buffer for the lower floors and acts as the major sustainable feature of the homes along with operable skylights at the stairwells.


project statement (cont)

In this case, the addition of a large zen-garden along with a spacious deck on the ocean side of the house relates the spiritual bond of the owner couple with the surroundings and wraps up the new vision for the house. the new double-layer envelope works both functionally and aesthetically alongside with budget restrains. the simple material scheme grows naturally with the owner requested fusion of asian philosophy within a contemporary bauhaus approach, re-defining the texture of spatial and functional relations.

design objective 2
Fit together (in no particular order) aesthetics, budget and sustainability
The San Pedro remodel worked out a modified modular concept within the overall BIM model, which allowed us to satisfy the program requirements and go well beyond the typical
small scale residential remodel.
from the architect