pacific palisades | 11
sustainable 21st century modern, a remodel
design objective
Reaching out for the sunset with a small master suite addition full house overhaul 21st century modern

  • typesingle family dwelling
  • year | size2022 | 4,656 sf
  • locationpacific palisades, California
  • statusRTI CLOSED

project statement
Another sustainable modern PAAhome - remodel in coastline Pacific Palisades

What to do when addition space is code restricted? Totally revamp the home with the maximum by-right area increase, visually and functionally extend the space with large outdoor decks. This is exactly what we did by adding only 500 SF as a new master suite on the third floor of the house and wrapped around leisure facilities, linked on two levels. The new elevated living room beam ceiling opens up fully towards the limited ocean view from the 2nd level. Extending a large terrace to the southwest creates an open feeling, amplified by the floor finish continuation, blending the division between exterior and interior with the fully operable sliding doors, stackable in hidden pockets. The deck extension is made possible by cleverly utilizing an existing 12" floor drop to float a 10' tapered edge cantilever. Keeping the current dumbwaiter intact allows a new built-in ethanol fireplace to partially divide the living | dining space without obstruction of the aery presence of the day tract, i.e. essentioal controlled transparency.
The existing master bedroom is reworked into a luxurious master suite with a large walkthrough closet, divided from the sleeping space with a minimalistic wood lattice, which enlarges the room's visual appearance and adds more privacy to the totally remodeled bathroom. The rear yard is reorganized to accommodate new upper terrace access, BBQ | cooking | outdoor dining, as well as an oversized hot tub and ample lounge area. Incorporating the existing fairy tale magnolia tree into the composition adds a tranquil feeling to the overall environment.

project statement (cont)

The new upper floor master suite B gives the remodel its money shot - it takes full advantage of a beautiful view parallax on that level, and blends the horizon of the new 700+ SF terrace with fire pit and a large shadow overhang. It is connected to the second floor entertainment area via wide floating stair and acts as a full extension of the lower level living space.
The roof is clad in fully recyclable standing seam steel, which allows for easy solar system attachment. A new skylight, built into the panel grid, acts as a natural hot air draft escape for the whole house, another signature sustainable PAAdetail. The material selection is in our typical warm modern palette, with mahogany wall cladding, bridging from outside in, natural wood and glue-lam ceilings, poured-in-place concrete outdoor details and floating aery soffits, which also provide for common AC distribution.
Designing with size and envelope restrictions may prove a welcome challenge - here it created an elegant 3rd millennia implementation of mid-century modern, emphasizing controlled transparency, sustainability and warm livable minimalistic approach, making this home a truly unique contemporary gem.

design objective 2
Creating a totally new look and feel with very limited structural alteration
The composition dissolves the boundary between interior and exterior, with fluent functional connections and elevated aesthetic presence